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The Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation was created to support the Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Department. Click on the following link access the Department's website:

Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Dept.

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Community Service Awards and Memorial Wall

Community Award Ceremonies
Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016

The Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation presented Community Service Awards for year 2016 recipients in a brief ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, at 4:30 p.m. at the monument at the entrance to the Marv Teixeira Pavilion in Mills Park. The public was invited to attend this free, outdoor event.

David Bugli (President of FCCPR, on the left) and Anne Bollinger (from Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Dept., on the right) are shown presenting the awards. They were presented in the following categories:

  • Photograph of Donna CurtisVolunteer of the Years - Donna Curtis has been active as a member of the Carson City Parks & Recreation Commission since her appointment in 2003, and she served three terms as its Chair. As a commissioner, she was intimately involved in projects and issues including the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the Fuji Park Dog Park, supporting the construction of trails, and supporting and planning of the Multi-purpose Athletic Center (MAC). As a founding member for Parks for Paws (P4P), she was instrumental in the planning and funding Carson City's first and only dog park at Fuji Park. In addition to her direct involvement with Carson City Parks & Recreation, Donna has also been very involved in Partnership Carson City and the newly formed Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation.
  • Photograph of Lenae DericcoVolunteer of the Year - Lenae Dericco has been a volunteer instructor with for the Carson City Swimming Pool for over a decade. She saw a need for Carson City's swimming lessons program to be more inclusive, of higher quality, and available to more age groups. With these needs in mind she started volunteering as a swim instructor. She is responsible for our Grownups and Guppies class, which caters to small children, ages six months to three years, and their parents. She started this program because she saw a gap in early childhood aquatic education.
  • Photograph of Chad Mellow from Tahoe Fence Co.Business of the Year - Tahoe Fence has worked with the Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department for many years. They have always benne dependable, efficient, helpful, and community oriented. They are constantly willing to assist or donate supplies in many of the Department's larger events. For the past seven seasons Tahoe Fence has donated the temporary fence for the Arlington Square Ice Rink.
  • Photograph of NJROTC cadets getting awardOrganization of the Year - Carson High School's Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) was established in 1974. It is one of the largest units in Nevada and the west coast. This year's current enrollment is 275 cadets. The program is cadet run under the watchful eye of the instructors. NJROTC cadets have assisted the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department with two specific projects: 1) the annual Carson River Cleanup Event and 2) wrapping wire around cottonwood trees to protect them from beaver damage. The NJROTC has assisted with the Carson River Cleanup Event for the past nine years.

Each recipient's name was placed on the monument in Mills Park. The selection of award recipients is a cooperative effort between the Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department and the Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation. In addition, the names of Louis R. Doescher and Jennifer Lyn Bailey were added to the Wall of Memory.

Community Service awards

Volunteer of the Years

1994 - Dominic Oxoby
1997 - Jack G. Warnecke
1998 - Bud Howard
2000 - Jo Caprio Saulisberry
2001 - Harold B. Wright
2004 - Stephen Kastens
2005 - Fred J. Stanio
2006 - Sue A. Cook
2007 - David & Elinor Bugli
2008 - Wilbur Earl "Will" Wieprecht
2009 - Peter L. Livermore
2010 - Chuck Saulisberry
2011 - Michael J. Fischer, M.D.
2012 - Greg Davis
2013 - Scott Tully
2014 - Rex Jennings
2015 - Eric Ingbar
2016 - Donna Curtis

Volunteer of the Year

1994 - Arthur J. "Jack" Lane
1997 - Donna Kuester DePauw
1998 - David and Arlene Lawson
2000 - Dorothy Fendrich Dolan
2001 - Catherine "Katie" Pollock
2004 - Joe McCarthy
2005 - John P. Copoulos
2006 - Richard D. Hyde
2007 - Anne and Chas Macquarie
2008 - Scott Fahrenbruch
2009 - Susan J. Ballew
2010 - Kevin "CK" Baily
2011 - Ilona Strull
2012 - Jeff Potter
2013 - Richard Tieben
2014 - Donna N. Inversin
2015 - Patrick McGuire
2016 - Lenae Dericco

Business of the Year

1994 - Greenhouse Garden Center
1997 - Carson A & W Restaurants
1998 - Diamond Peak Ski Resort
2000 - Nevada Appeal
2001 - United Rentals, Carson City
2004 - Carson City Burger King
2005 - Campagni's Carson City Toyota
2006 - Bicycle Authority
2007 - Western Environments INC
2008 - Bodine's Casino
2009 - Cynthia C. Turiczek PE, Lumos & Associates
2010 - Carson Nugget
2011 - Vidler Water Co.
2012 - Finest Fence LLC
2013 - Resource Concepts Inc.
2014 - Sign Pro
2015 - Capital Beverage
2016 - Tahoe Fence Co.

Organization of the Year

1994 - The Carson City Shade Tree Council
1997 - Nevada Landmarks Society
1998 - Carson City Junior Ski Program
2000 - Carson City Youth Sports Association
2001 - Kiwanis Club of Carson City
2004 - Boy Scout Troup 145
2005 - Carson Tigersharks Swim Program
2006 - Korean War Vet. Assn. C.C. Ch. 305
2007 - American Legion Post 56 Honor Guard
2008 - Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch
2009 - Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce
2010 - Mark Twain Garden Club
2011 - Kiwanis Clubs of Carson City & Sierra Nevada Kiwanis
2012 - GROW (Gardeners Reclaiming Our Waysides)
2013 - Let Them Be Kids
2014 - Carson City Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee (RACC)
2015 - River Wranglers
2016 - Carson High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)

In Special Recognition Award

2014 - Noah Marvin (Marv) Teixiera
2014 - Allen Craig Teixiera
2014 - Matt Teixiera

Memorial Names on the Wall

Jennifer Lyn Bailey
Christa Ballew-Matthews
Joan Elaine Benson
Harold Berger
Robert T. Best
Gary Beverage
Amber Michelle Black
Charles Henry Branstetter III
Robert Maciej Bugajski
Fred Canfield
Anthony Ralph Caprio
Theresa V. Caprio
Danielle Saulisberry Carpenter
Joan Allison Ceccarelli
Vicki Chappell
Christopher Paul Cook
Charles Louis Daniels
Steven Lee David, Jr. (T.T.)
Glenn V. Davis
Bonnie K. Dietrick
Dorothy DiRicco
Louis R. Doescher
William M. "Bill" Dolan
Mabel G. Doty
Michael Esenarro
Carl Flores
Iris M. Forster
Alban Forster
John C. Fremont Chapter DAR
Desert Gardeners
Kenneth Gebler
Andrew Gene "Andy" Gialy
Raymond Baptista "Tista" Goicoehea
Maple Allen "Mutt" Gossett
Greenhouse Garden Center
Benjamin W Griffith
April Lynn Hanke
Ann S. Hardin
Barbara J. Harris
Rocky Dale Hite
Caden Tyler Huarte
C.V. Dutch Hughes
Alison Lily Hallett Ipsen
Jo Jacobsen

Miranda June Hulme Jakobson
Rolf A. Johnson
Kara Lee Kalicki
Don Kalicki
Joshua Lynn Kerby
Brenda R. Kizor-Ritter
Gale Griffin Klette
Lahonton Basin Medical
Charles Stanley Larkin
David Lopez
Daniel William Lowe
Elise Marie Lowe
Robert Goodin / Machado
Kathy Miller Maples
Jordan Scott Marshall
Jason Philip Marshall
Lana Wood McAlister
Fann McColm
Robert C. McFadden
The McFarren Family
Sheli Dawn McKenzie
Charlotte M. McLaughlin
Michael Ambro Menesini
Jacki T. Montgomery
Edward and Denise Moran
June Elaine Norman
Austin Scott O'Neal
Shane Thomas Parsons
Eugene Paslov
Alan Ray Pearson
Janet Perey
Ellavee Muriel Phelps
Catherine Ann Pintar
R. E. "Col." Priest
Ann Priest
Percy H. Ramsden
William Charles Regmund, Jr.
James "Jiggeti" Reilly
Gary "Robbie" Robinson
Lewis Roseburg
Richard Alan Ruff
Vickie C. Rybak
Sarah Michele Sams
Tracy Ralph Saulisberry

Sgt. Anthony J. Schober
Heather Ann Youngblood-Schumacher
Jeffrey L. Scott
Danica Marie Silva
Evelyn Smith
Judy Stanio
Ann Stanio
Scott Stewart
Edward Stokke
Derek James Stuhlmiller
Justin Royce Talley
Lillian Tallman
Randy R. Tancrell
Roger J. Thompson
Cody Michael Tyzbir
Lee Warner
Bill R. Whittington
Kelly Noel Williams
Richard "Ricky" Lee Woodring
Jeremy Michael Bruce Woolman
Gerry Wright

Names of a loved one may be added to the memorial sections of the wall for a donation of $100 to FCCPR. Memorial names are added in the days leading up to the Community Service Awards ceremony each year. Contact us for details.

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