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The Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation was created to support the Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Department. Click on the following link access the Department's website:

Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Dept.

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Foundation Presents Open House January 21 at Wungnema House
Sunday, January 21, 2018

Collage of pictures of Wungnema House

Curious about the stone house on the east side of Mills Park across from Carson High School, off Saliman Road? It's the historic Wungnema House. Want to learn something about the Hopi stonemasons who built the house, as well as other distinctive homes and structures around the Carson City area, including at least one church at Lake Tahoe? Just want a look inside? Come to an open house hosted by The Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation (FCCPR) at the Wungnema House in Mills Park, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 21, 2018. Admission is free. For further information about the event, contact David Johnson at dstewartj@aol.com.

The house was built in 1948 by Burton and Pearl (Talas) Wungnema and served as the family home until the early 1970s. After the family moved from the house, it fell into disrepair and was subject to on-going vandalism until it was rescued by Carson City in the late 1990s and restored to serve as a meeting place for small community groups and organizations. Notable, in addition to the house's exterior masonry, is the fireplace and hearth that feature a Hopi clan symbol as well as stone from north-central Arizona, near the Hopi homeland.

The Wungnema House is managed by The Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation (FCCPR) under a lease from Carson City. FCCPR is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. FCCPR's mission is to provide an umbrella under which various organizations and citizens can come together to explore innovative ways to promote, facilitate and fund their activities. It assists these organizations and individuals with similar goals to promote and meet Foundation objectives by acting in a fiduciary capacity to help manage and protect monies raised for their projects. Member projects, past and present, facilitated by the Foundation include the Carson City Tennis Club, the Eagle Valley Disk Golf Club, the Lone Mountain Cemetery Headstone Project, Carson City Gun Range improvements, dog park improvements (formerly "Parks 4 Paws") and the Wungnema House.

FCCPR welcomes new members and is interested in individuals who can assist with fundraising, newsletter, publicity, special events, recruitment, and park clean-up. Basic annual membership is $25.00, and higher categories of membership are encouraged. For further information, visit the FoundationŐs website at http://CarsonCityParks.org.

FCCPR Welcome to our site. The Foundation is an umbrella organization created for charitable and educational purposes related to Carson City Parks and Recreation. We assist the Carson City (Nevada) Parks & Recreation Dept. with projects for improvements to the City's parks. Currently we are providing financial guidance and assistance to several non-501(c)(3) organizations that are raising funds to make improvements:

  • Disc Golf Group - This group is raising funds to create three 9-hole disc golf (frisbee golf) courses in the Flint St. area.
  • Headstone Project - This group is raising funds to erect headstones on graves in Lone Mountain Cemetery over graves that are missing headstones.
  • Tennis Club Project - This group is raising funds to maintain tennis facilities in Carson City Parks, particularly Centennial Park.

We are looking for other projects where we can be of assistance. If interested, contact David Bugli (Dcbugli@aol.com).

This website is in development. The links should be working in a few days. We are also setting up a Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/CCParksFoundation.

Click here to see our Articles of Incorporation.

Click here to see our Bylaws.

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